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Kraina Baśni - angielski dla dzieci. Nauka angielskiego w przedszkolach i w szkołach. W naszej szkole wykorzystujemy motywy bajek i baśni ucząc dzieci języka angielskiego w sposób przystępny, łatwy i skuteczny.

Abgielski dla dzieci
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   "The magic of a child's world and an irreplaceable future gift" - our school's mission is to combine childhood's most beautiful moments with practical use of a child's ability to learn foreign languages to its fullest. We want to preserve the beauty of tradition and to combine age-old legacy with scientific discoveries related to teaching children a language and with technical achievements, to create teaching aids. Our school uses fairy tales motives to teach children English in an open, easy and effective manner.

ogólenie o programie

   The program consists of 10 fairy tales - successive advancement stages (there will be 15 stages altogether). Each fairy tale introduces a child to vocabulary typical for it, and to general, rudimentary basics of learning English - starting through colors, numbers, body parts, vegetable and fruit names, animals, a child's moods, words related to family, home, everyday activities, clothing, meals, toys, etc. Each word is introduced with a picture and is then used in poems, songs and games involving physical activity, all of which are integral parts of the program. A fairy tale skillfully introduces a child to grammar, teaching language correctness slowly and effectively. The program uses a spiraling technique of teaching - all newly introduced elements are repeated in the sections to come, until stored in a child's long-term memory. Such repetitions are calculated with mathematical accuracy. Our main characters, Tosia and Jeremi, show the children how to use knowledge in everyday situations.